Tricky Talk

A: Clipping bits of quotes and pasting them as you have chosen is one method of misrepresenting reality to your advantage .

B: Misrepresenting? Yet another charge. Feel free to show what you said vs. my misrepresentation to back up this charge.

A: Charge? No, I am stating a fact. No one can select small text snippets, yank them out of context, and present them recombined without bias. You said something to that effect, yourself, when it served you.

B: I applaud your goal of being a truth seeker. Unfortunately, I see scant evidence that you’re walking the walk. 

A: Fortunately, you see scant evidence that I’m not.

Question Mark Graffiti

B: I’ve asked questions repeatedly and you either ignore my question or you throw up a blizzard of questions of your own.

A: You badgered me to answer questions of a personal nature and you didn’t like that I asked why (a “blizzard of questions”?!). Your loaded verbiage also expresses an inappropriate sense of entitlement.

B: Looks like a smokescreen to me, but if I’ve misunderstood, feel free to clarify why this response of yours is appropriate.

A: If challenging your statements looks like a smokescreen to you; then what is it meant to conceal? Feel free to clarify why your provocations and demands involving issues that are none of your business are appropriate.


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